Roth Hydraulics presents new charging unit


Roth Hydraulics from Biedenkopf renews and expands its range of accumulator accessories with a new generation of mobile Roth N2 charging units. They are suitable for efficient filling or refilling of the gas pre-charge pressure of hydraulic accumulators and accumulator systems.

The N2 charging unit operates automatically until a preset pressure is reached. It enables an almost complete emptying of commercial nitrogen cylinders beyond the overflow – the natural pressure compensation. The Roth N2 charging unit has an integrated hydraulic unit, a compression accumulator, an electronic pressure switch, an electrical control system with connecting cable and connecting hoses. Roth Hydraulics offers two versions in the pressure stage: The more cost-effective low-pressure version is designed for a nitrogen charging pressure of up to 230 bar at a delivery rate of 1.7 litres/minute. The high-pressure version allows a nitrogen loading pressure of up to 380 bar at a delivery rate of 0.9 litres/minute. Both versions have an electric motor output of 0.75 kilowatts.

 Harald Velte, Head of Development and Design at Roth Hydraulics, explained: "The new N2 charging units are characterised by efficient charging behaviour, with automatic switch-off when the final pressure is reached. During development, we not only focused on an attractive design but also on customer requirements and therefore placed particular emphasis on ease of use. The compact and mobile construction can be easily transported and operated by one person. The hydraulic and electric controls are ergonomically arranged for comfortable handling.”

Applicable worldwide

In combination with the Roth filling and testing equipment, the N2 charging unit is compatible with all filling connections commonly used worldwide. It is designed for three-phase current with a connection voltage of 400 Volt and 50 Hertz (standard CEE plug, 5-pin, 16 Ampere, 400 Volt). In order to be able to use the N2 charging unit worldwide, versions for all common international main voltages are available. The filling and testing unit is used to check the nitrogen pressure and to fill diaphragm, bladder and piston accumulators with nitrogen. Roth hydraulic accumulators and the extensive range of accessories score points with their high quality, robust construction and long service life. International certifications and approvals allow the products to be used worldwide. Roth Hydraulics is represented with locations in Germany, China and the USA and can therefore react flexibly to customer requirements on an international level.

As a full-range supplier, Roth Hydraulics supplies a complete range of technologies with piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulators as well as accumulator systems for a wide variety of applications. Decades of experience in the development and production of piston accumulators make the company a true specialist. The Roth accumulator systems are designed according to a modular principle. Depending on the requirements, the manufacturer implements customer-specific and economical solutions.