Roth family company helps in the Ukraine


Dautphetal/Germany. Thanks to the active contribution of its employees, Roth Industries in Dautphetal set up a major aid campaign for Ukraine. A few hundred food parcels have now been sent on their way to a relief organisation in a Roth truck. The Roth family company had called on the employees of its German branches to donate food.

"The delivery with food packages first goes to a warehouse in Germany. Aid organisations known to us personally are waiting there. They bring the packages safely with all the necessary documents to various war-affected towns and villages in Ukraine and distribute them to the suffering population," reports Matthias Donges, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Roth Industries in Dautphetal. A precise packing list specified which products the employees should pack, including noodles, rice, flour, sugar, chocolate and biscuits. Christin Roth-Jäger, Managing Partner, explains on behalf of the entrepreneurial family: "We are overwhelmed by the great solidarity and willingness to help shown by our employees. The large number of food parcels is impressive, each of which helps a family for a few days and also perhaps provides a little encouragement across borders". All German Roth companies were called upon to support the campaign. The logistics department at the company's headquarters in Dautphetal-Buchenau coordinated the receipt of the donation packages and loaded them onto the Roth truck for onward travel. "In addition to food, the aid organisations in Ukraine are waiting for medical supplies. We would also like to help here and have made a larger sum of money available for the procurement of medical products that will reach hospitals and supply centres in a safe way," explains managing partner Claus-Hinrich Roth.

Commitment in many directions
The Roth companies abroad are each participating in the large-scale relief campaign with initiatives in their own countries. In addition, Roth has been listed as an employer for jobs and traineeships by the Lahn-Dill Chamber of Industry and Commerce via the regional network #WirtschaftHilft. Newcomers can quickly find work via this platform. In addition, Roth would like to support the establishment of shelters with its own products, such as complete showers that are promptly set up and ready for use. To this end, the company coordinates closely with the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf. Dr Anne-Kathrin Roth, Managing Partner, summarises: "The humanitarian consequences of the attack on Ukraine are catastrophic. We suffer with the children, the families as well as the elderly and would like to help. What is important now is that our delivery arrives quickly and safely. We are very grateful for the team spirit in our international Roth family and together we stand by the people in Ukraine."