Roth Hydrospeicher Einsatzbereiche

Roth Hydraulics products in use

Roth Hydraulics prove themselves day after day in the most diverse applications, whether they're used as passive components for emergency supply or as active system components.

Our products and solutions are popular everywhere that hydraulic energy needs to be stored or energy needs to be converted. In the process, Roth accumulator systems make a critical contribution to the protection of resources and to the economical and ecological operation of equipment and systems. 

Every industry, every customer and every application demands unique solutions; our products take this into account. Our manufacturing expertise in conjunction with absolute customer orientation and global references are the bases of our success.



Anywhere high power densities are required in automation, there's no way around classical hydraulics. Accumulator systems are often used for energy storage during intermittent demand or as an emergency supply to ensure plant safety during plant construction.

Roth accumulator systems make a decisive contribution to an improved energy balance and the reduction of operating costs, or ensure secure energy supply during power failures. Our innovative, modular systems enable the creation of unique, economic solutions easily.