Roth DURALOCK® thread

The Roth DURALOCK® thread, specially developed for our accumulator systems, ensures added safety and increased life time in the daily use of your hydraulic systems. 

Thread as a design detail

When it comes to safety, the thread in the piston accumulator is the most important feature.
Roth Hydraulics can look back on more than 70 years of experience in accumulator technology and developed the new Roth DURALOCK® thread for the special requirements of this design detail.
It is safer, more robust and more durable than conventional threads. Compared to conventional threads, the Roth DURALOCK® thread offers with approximately the same dimensions:

> Up to 100% higher safety against failure
>Up to 100% higher load cycles or greater range of pressure variation.

Conventional threads

In order to improve the properties of the connection, we identified the following design details:

>Reducing the flank angle to reduce radial forces that occur, results in a significant decrease in bending of the pipe.
>Increasing the radius in the thread base, which makes the thread significantly less sensitive to cracks.

Developed by the specialist for your needs
The Roth DURALOCK® thread combines these properties and, with its optimised geometry, offers great advantages over threads conventionally used in piston accumulator system.

>Extreme safety and constancy
>High durability
>Robustness due to twisted thread contour
>Optimized dimensions
>Long life timer

Download all information about the Roth  DURALOCK® thread here.