Company Principles

Our strength is the know-how of many years, constant power of innovation as well as reliable service - worldwide. The technologies of the Roth Industries group are internationally successful, either regarding building and plastics technology or machinery and aggregate construction.

Our companies' employees form a network with the customer at the centre. We implement our experience and skills globally to offer high-quality products and a first-class service. To do this, we use synergies within our group of companies.


  • Protecting and expanding our medium-sized family-owned company
  • Supporting employees and standing up for their legitimate interests
  • Thinking and acting as a team


  • Aligning our business activities with customer requirements
  • Leading our markets in terms of expertise with quality and innovation
  • Diversifying products, markets and technologies to create synergies


  • Manufacturing and designing products using methods that protect the environment and save resources
  • Doing business fairly and playing a responsible role in society
  • Allowing the companies and sectors to act independently and aim for success while considering the interests of the company  as a whole
  • Generating reasonable returns to safeguard our company's independence and accomplish our tasks