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The demands for fun in the leisure industry are always increasing: higher, faster and further. The market demands attractions with the right level of kick. The largest hydraulically powered roller coaster, for example, provides the feeling of being on a missile, with an acceleration of 0 to 205 km in only 3.5 seconds .

Special accumulator systems were developed for this market. They provide the hydraulic energy for drive ratings of up to several 10,000 KW and volume flows of several 10,000 l/min. And this with maintenance intervals that extend far beyond one season.


Testing technology has become increasingly established in recent years, along with simulation. The reduction of development times aimed at preparing new products for dynamic markets more quickly makes realistic testing in the context of product safety difficult.

Accumulator systems developed for this market provide the necessary hydraulic energy for drive ratings in the megawatt range and volume flows of multiple 100,000 l/km. At the same time, they ensure sufficient reliability in service, in particular for testing related to fatigue strength.


Safety, availability, high power density and good controllability are necessary when it comes to automation and modernization projects in stage technology. Hydraulics fulfil all these requirements with flying colours, given their system-specific advantages.

Individually scalable piston accumulator equipment from the Roth Hydraulics product range provide the energy required during performances. Roth accumulator systems enable impressive and nearly silent scene changes.



External high-pressure forming and internal high-pressure forming require pressures from 500 to 4,000 bar. Generating that level of pressure usually requires pressure intensifiers .

Roth provides innovative and customer-oriented system solutions for this area. Talk to us. We are confident that we can find the best solution for your task.