Einsatzbereich Oel und Gas

Oil and gas

In order to secure the worldwide demand for energy and raw materials, oil and gas remain an essential part of the energy mix and the basis for a secure and stable energy supply. Due to their specific conditions, the deposits place high demands on equipment, machinery and components. Additional requirements arise from the operational safety and availability. 

Onshore technology

The extraction, transport and distribution of oil and gas often take place under extreme environmental and operation conditions. Roth accumulator systems meet these requirements  and also provide the necessary energy in emergency situations (at -60°C , for example) in order to shut down equipment in a controlled manner.


Offshore and marine technology

The exploration of the seabed to previously unknown depths as well as energy production are technically demanding tasks that call for new and innovative solutions.

Roth Hydraulics offers the right solutions. We design and produce accumulator systems, compensators, high-pressure tanks, shock absorbers and custom containers in various sizes and materials for the offshore and marine technology field.