Einsatzbereich Mobilhydraulik

Mobile hydraulics

The demand for more safety, improved comfort and improved ergonomics in mobile hydraulics can be met relatively easy with compact accumulator systems.

As a result of climate change and the change in energy prices, however, demands for the economic and ecological operation of mobile work equipment and commercial vehicles have also increased. The reduction of CO2 emissions and simultaneous, improved performance requires the downsizing of the primary drive and the use of a hybrid system in order to recover excess energy and to support the primary drive at peak demand. Modern hydraulic hybrid solutions consist of tried and tested components and have a broad operating temperature range and high power density..

Roth accumulator systems fulfil all these requirements. They are robust and weight-optimised, suitable for high load cycles and offer maximum reliability and safety, even at low temperatures. Based on our many years of experience in the field of accumulator technology, we deliver customized products and solutions for this specific area of application.