Roth piston accumulators

Roth piston accumulator - individual & versatile

In the Roth Hydraulics piston accumulators, a piston separates the gas and fluid chambers. The piston can move freely and seals the operating medium from the gas chamber via the custom sealing system. Roth piston accumulators consist of high-quality cylinder tubes of pressure-vessel steel with an internal surface designed for the sealing system, the piston and the covers on the fluid and gas sides. If a specific position is required for the fluid or gas connections, Roth piston accumulators can be sealed with a combination of threaded ring and cover. The functional volume of liquid at Roth piston accumulators can be individually selected.

In this way, we can precisely tailor our products to the needs of the customer. A piston position monitor (mechanical or contactless) as well as temperature and pressure sensors from the Roth accessory range can be added to ensure the optimal monitoring of operating conditions.


  • Volumes:                                    0,1 l ... 1.500 l
  • max. operating pressure:       up to 1.200 bar
  • Service temperature:               -60°C ... +200°C
  • Sealing materials:                    custom
  • Housing materials:                  Carbon steel, low-temperature steel, stainless steel
  • Coatings:                                   Primer, offshore prime coat, plastic coatings