Roth Hydraulics offers the full range

Many fluids technology solutions
Biedenkopf. Roth Hydraulics can offer energy-efficient hydro accumulator solutions for systems requiring storage or conversion of hydraulic energy. The fluid technology components are used, for instance, in energy and power plant systems, mobile hydraulics, machine tools and oil and gas systems. Roth Hydraulics, formerly trading as “Bolenz & Schäfer”, is a company with a long tradition in the sector.

Roth Hydraulics carries full range solutions, supplying a complete range of piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulator systems as well as accumulator units for a variety of applications. The decades of experience the company gained in the development and production of piston accumulators qualify it as a genuine specialist. The design of the Roth accumulator systems is based on a modular principle. The manufacturer will produce customised and economic solutions to meet requirements. Roth hydro accumulator maximum output is available on short notice. High-quality manufacture of the durable and service-friendly accumulators will guarantee maximum safety and demands minimum maintenance. The Roth ACCU software may be used for the planning and design of accumulator systems and for the simulation of operational performance. The capacity of Roth accumulator plant is virtually unlimited; they have fully connected piping, all the requisite safety and monitoring devices and are certified compliant with international regulations.

Diaphragm accumulators
Compact and lightweight design renders Roth diaphragm accumulators suitable for industrial and mobile use up to 350 bar. They may be used at temperatures ranging from -35 to +80 degrees centigrade. Typical applications include pulsation damping, pressure peak compensation, chassis suspension and maintaining pressures in clamping and braking systems. Different diaphragm materials will allow use of the accumulators under extreme operating temperatures and for a variety of fluids. A flexible diaphragm, secured with a metal clamping ring, separates gas and fluid. There will be no pressure difference between fluid and gas. The Roth Hydraulics diaphragm accumulators are highly efficient. They are available with specified, limited volumes and charging pressures.

Bladder accumulators
Roth Hydraulics compact bladder accumulators are used under extreme conditions of pressures up to 420 bar and temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees centigrade. They are suited for damping of short-stroke, high-frequency oscillations and pressure peaks and to maintain pressure in a plant when the unit switches off. The numerous advantages of the efficient bladder accumulators open up many fields of application: fast cycling, high charging and discharging frequencies and high efficiency. The low mass of the bladder enables fast response times ‒ decisive to many applications. The pressure difference between fluid and gas will be insignificant. Bladder accumulators are available in weight-optimised designs using composites. Depending on the liner and fibre materials used, weight savings up to 70% will be possible. Bladder accumulators are suited for use in confined spaces under difficult conditions, also for mobile systems. Special versions, for instance with high-flow oil valves or low-friction plastic coating, render the Roth bladder accumulator an innovative product with a wide range of applications.

Piston accumulators
The Roth piston accumulators for machines and plant are available in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1 500 litres. Standard equipment is available at up to 350 bar operating pressure and special versions range up to 1 200 bar. The charging pressure varies. They are used where high output volumes and power are needed. Depending on the area of application, downstream gas tanks may significantly increase capacities. Even compact, ready-to-run major plants with a total volume far in excess of 100 cubic metres are available – by linking arbitrary numbers of piston accumulators and downstream gas tanks. The accumulator systems are suited for temperatures ranging from -10 to +80 degrees centigrade; they are also optionally available for duty under extreme temperatures ranging from -60 to +200 degrees centigrade. Roth will design piston accumulator fluid connections and sealing systems to suit customer requirements. No sudden loss of gas is possible to the fluid side. Low-friction sealing systems guarantee high performance and highly efficient operation. Optional extras such as incorporated stroke limitation and a large selection of measurement and monitoring instruments will provide information on the operating status and energy stored. The installed position of the piston accumulators is arbitrary.

The comprehensive product range offers solutions comprising accumulator units with gas volumes in excess of 100 000 litres.

Roth standard pressure vessels are available sized 50 and 75 litres. They are used as add-on tanks for accumulator plant or as pressurised accumulators for different gases.