New high-flow bladder accumulators from Roth Hydraulics

Higher flow rate doubles output
Biedenkopf/Hanover. Roth Hydraulics – formerly Bolenz & Schäfer – has extended its product range. The manufacturer is now offering powerful high-flow bladder accumulators with virtually twice the output compared to standard products. Roth’s new flow-optimised oil valve for the accumulator clearly increases the output and speeds up response times.

Roth Hydraulics Blasenspeicher

“The efficiency of our new series reaches levels thus far achieved only by piston accumulators. Our new development has opened up additional fields of application for Roth bladder accumulators,” explains Harald Velte, Head of Development and Construction at Roth Hydraulics. The Roth bladder accumulators are suited for use in plastic injection and blow moulding machines, in hydraulic presses and for the manufacture of composite components. These are found, for instance, in the automobile industry. A flexible bladder separates the gas and fluid chambers in these accumulators. The bladder is part of a pressure chamber filled with the operating medium. Roth bladder accumulators consist of a seamlessly forged pressure tank, a flexible bladder with a gas connection vulcanised in and the carbon steel or stainless steel connection on the fluid side. In addition to the high-flow bladder accumulators, the Roth Hydraulics range includes many other types featuring different fluid connections.

Roth bladder accumulators are available in volumes ranging from 1 to 57 litres, for operating pressures up to 420 bar and for ambient temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. Available bladder materials include NBR (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber), TT NBR (low temperature) and ECO (ethylene-oxide-epichlorhydrin rubber). The manufacturer will also offer special materials on request. Offshore applications are available with resistant primers or plastic coatings.

The accumulators are suited for storing energy, for dampening of pressure peaks and pressure pulsation caused by short-stroke, high-frequency oscillations and for volume flow rate compensation, hydraulic shock dampening or cushioning, shock absorption, media separation and emergency actuation. Roth Hydraulics offers comprehensive accessories, reduction of storage, safety and shut off blocks. Services include customer support up to specific acceptance of the accumulators depending on country and application. Roth Hydraulics complies with virtually all globally required certification in this respect. For further information please visit