Roth standard pressure vessels - economical & reliable

Roth standard pressure vessels are seamless pressure accumulators available in the sizes 50 and 75 l and pressure levels 220 and 360 bar. They are used as secondary switching containers for storage or as pressure accumulators for different types of gases. Typical product characteristics:

  • High efficiency,flexible application in accumulator facilities
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for various gases

Roth large pressure vessels - scalable & particular

Roth's large pressure vessels are welded pressure accumulators with a storage capacity of up to 11,000 l in various diameters, lengths and pressure levels. When used as a secondary switching container for accumulator facilities, they enable optimization installation space. Moreover, with the addition of monitoring and control equipment, they can be used as gapless accumulators in which the fluid is directly supplied with air or nitrogen.
Typical product characteristics:

  • High efficiency, application-specific design
  • Easy to install Internal coating available
  • Suitable for various gases